Quaestus is a student-led journal from Concordia University Wisconsin's Batterman School of Business and Concordia University Ann Arbor's Haab School of Business presenting ideas about Liberty, Virtue and Economics, from a Christian perspective, to promote human flourishing. Our vision is to inspire the next generation of Christian thought leaders by addressing global issues with sound economic and moral principles.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief
Megan Wangerin, Class of 2021

Senior Editors
Grace Hemmeke, Class of 2023
Ione Hoy, Class of 2023

Business and Marketing Editor
Matthew Kaiser, Class of 2021

Publication Editor
Ebony Whitson, Class of 2021

Welcome to Quaestus

Quaestus is Concordia University’s first student-led peer-reviewed journal, and I am very excited to share with you here a bit of history as to how the journal came to be, and what the journal is focused on.

In the summer of 2019, Concordia University completed construction of the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center, which houses the Batterman School of Business. This is the business school on our Mequon, Wisconsin campus, and is a close partner with our Haab School of Business in Ann Arbor, Michigan (we have two main campuses). To celebrate our new building – a Free Enterprise Center – we decided to hold a 2-day summit in Fall of 2019, to explore in a scholarly manner, what Free Enterprise means for a Christian university. In particular, we explored the interface of economics, concepts of freedom and liberty, and our Christian identity. This summit, co-hosted with Acton Institute, was called the Liberty, Virtue and Economics Summit, and we hope to make it an annual event. Importantly, students were involved deeply. All students who take our University core “Christian Citizen” class attended the opening talks, and all students had the chance to participate in an essay competition where they reflected on topics in three key areas: (a) the role of capitalisms vs. socialism in addressing poverty, (b) the interface of faith and economics, and (c) the economic arguments for and against tariffs. The students also participated on panels, discussing these topics with nationally recognized leaders in the area of Liberty, Virtue and Economics.

Out of that fall event grew this journal. This was the result of several brainstorming sessions with Patrick Oetting of Acton, and with various speakers like Ismael Hernandez, and – most importantly – the students! Five students came together, in the context of a research class, to form the editorial board of this journal, and to launch this very first edition of the journal that they named Quaestus.

Quaestus will always focus on topics related to Liberty, Virtue and Economics, and build off of the prior year’s summit. Modeled loosely after Imprimus from Hillsdale, submissions will be in two categories: (a) transcribed talks of thought leaders who speak at our annual summit, and (b) student essays that relate to summit topics.

Quaestus is Latin for profit, and in the spirit of this journal, can be thought of more broadly as prospering or flourishing, embracing economic as well as spiritual growth, grounded in biblical principles that value human dignity, creativity, individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. I applaud the first editorial board of Quaestus, for building the foundation for what I believe will be an impactful, scholarly and balanced annual publication from Concordia University – on an important topic that we embrace: Liberty, Virtue and Economics.


Daniel Sem, Ph.D., JD, MBA
Dean, Concordia University

Spring 2020: Issue: 1 Cover
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Spring 2020 Issue 1