Concordia University Wisconsin Department of Speech-Language Pathology is committed to offering an engaging environment and access to off-site community service and clinical opportunities.  In addition to the state of the art on campus Concordia University Wisconsin Speech, Language, and Hearing clinic. Clinical and therapeutic services are provided to students at LUMIN (Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative, Inc.) elementary schools throughout the Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Scope of practice

Students and faculty clinicians assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in individuals across the life-span.

Service delivery areas include all aspects of communication and swallowing and related areas that impact communication and swallowing: speech production, fluency, language, cognition, voice, resonance, feeding, swallowing, and hearing.

For more information, please contact the Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic at 262-243-2134 or  or via fax at 262-243-2934.

Our services

Learn more about our offerings both on Concordia's campus and in our community clinics. We are currently accepting new patients at our campus clinic. Learn more here.

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On-Site Clinical Services

The state of the art on-campus Concordia University Wisconsin Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic students and faculty will work in concert to provide services to individuals in need of support across the lifespan.

The CUW Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic boasts a state of the art audiology suite complete with diagnostics and hearing aide dispensing, a Child Language and Literacy Center, individual diagnostic and therapy rooms, as well as group therapy rooms for pediatric and adult clients.

  • Pediatric Services
    • Speech, language, social communication, fluency or stuttering, voice, pre-literacy areas are all addressed and supported through evidence based practice aligned intervention after comprehensive evaluation and diagnostics are completed with clinical instruction and supervision by CUW faculty.
  • Child Language and Literacy Center
    • A pre-literacy and language focused preschool setting supporting all aspects of functional and age appropriate communication and pre- academic skills in a group setting supported by multiple student clinicians with small group and individually focused activities with supportive clinical instruction by CUW faculty.
  • Adult Services
    • Aphasia, voice, word finding, post-stroke, cognition, speech, and all other aspects of functional communication are supported by clinical instructors on CUW faculty as student clinicians provide comprehensive assessment and intervention to clients.
  • Audiology
    • A full audiology suite under the supervision of a clinical instructor on CUW faculty is used to conduct comprehensive audiological evaluations, aural habilitation, and hearing aide dispensing.

The CUW SLH Clinic provides comprehensive assessment and treatment under the supervision of licensed clinical instructors in speech-language pathology and audiology across the lifespan and all communication modes including speech, language, and cognition from young children through geriatric adults.

Off-Site Clinical Services

The Speech-Language Pathology Department is dedicated to the missions of Concordia University Wisconsin and the School of Health Professions and is focused on developing independent life-long learners with strong critical thinking and communication abilities. In addition, the Speech-Language Pathology program aims to prepare students for the opportunities and rigors of a vocation positively impacting communicatively challenged individuals and their families by providing outstanding academic/clinical education, as well as community outreach.

LUMIN (Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative, Inc.)
Faculty and students provide screening as well as speech and language enrichment and therapy services at multiple LUMIN elementary schools throughout the Milwaukee area. Offering students the opportunity to engage in experiences and support their development as competent future speech-language pathologists who provide quality care in a respectful, culturally sensitive, caring, and knowledgeable manner.

Clinical services focusing on speech, language, fluency, cognition, literacy, and global communication remediation and enrichment are provided at Granville Lutheran School and St. Martini Lutheran School by student clinicians with clinical instruction provided by CUW faculty.

If you are interested in being an off-site clinic location, please contact Angie Haendel, Clinic Director at 262-243-2137 or