CUW’s comprehensive pharmacy experience

The PharmD program at Concordia University Wisconsin is career-focused program built for students who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Our manageable four-year program offers the balance you need to engage in cutting-edge research, practice hands-on field work experience, and gain pivotal clinical experience all while solidifying your unique story in how you’ll make a difference as a pharmacist.

Ranked by graduates as a top choice

CUW SOP scores 10% higher than the national average of pharmacy school graduates who feel “If I were starting my pharmacy program over again, I would choose the same School of Pharmacy.” CUW also carries residency match rates that rank in the top 25% of schools nationwide in residency placement.

10:1 student faculty ratio
>99% job placement
76% PGY1 residency match rate
100% PGY2 residency match rate

Excellent return on investment

CUW is student focused and career minded. Concordia provides both a great education and opportunities to create unique experiences you wouldn’t get at a large institution. You’ll get a world-class education made up of 148 credits while also enjoying your summer and winter breaks free from classes through the end of your third year in the program. This gives you the necessary time to refresh and recharge as you prepare for your professional career as a pharmacist. With a 99% job placement rate, you can be confident your degree from Concordia will land you the competitive job you seek.

What our students have to say:

Emily Brekke

Jacob Kaufman

What our students are saying

"I believe Concordia does a fantastic job of providing a well-rounded experience for their students while providing many opportunities to grow professionally, spiritually, and mentally."


From AACP Graduating Student Survey 2020

Top curriculum in a proven 4-year model

Curriculum is constantly being improved in our proven 4-year training model. Our manageable four-year program offers the balance you need to engage in cutting-edge research, practice hands-on field work experience, and gain pivotal clinical experience. If you are interested in a dual degree, we offer three for you to choose from. Concordia’s School of Pharmacy also offers you unique opportunities for interprofessional development. All of this learning takes place in state-of-the-art pharmacy facilities. Schedule a visit to see for yourself.

What students and faculty have to say:

Luiggi Perez Soto

Anne LaDisa

What our students are saying

"I never have had an ounce of regret about going to Concordia University for my pharmacy practice education. Above all, everyone here cares about you and creates an environment where you learn how to work with others and be a competent health care professional."

From AACP Graduating Student Survey 2020

Make a difference through research

It’s important to get research experience so you know what kind of work you want to do when you graduate. Do you want to work in a lab, clinic, or other healthcare setting? With Concordia University School of Pharmacy, you are exposed to many research opportunities to build your skills and build your resume. We understand research means more than just research. It means making a difference in your community and working in a field that makes a difference. “Ultimately, I chose CUWSOP because of the mission statement the school presents. My goal is to not only be a pharmacist, but a servant leader in the healthcare community. Through my career, I want to improve the lives of others, while advancing the profession and creating better outcomes. The people and environment at CUW will confidently help me reach these goals.” -Jason Chladek, class of 2021. -Jason Chladek, class of 2021.

What students and faculty have to say:

McKenna Brust

Nancy Stoehr



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Concordia's School of Pharmacy offers an inspired, supportive atmosphere that complements the University mission by nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of each student. We work to support the individual aspirations of each student, and make a difference in the lives of others. Join us in creating community change and serving patients through a career in pharmacy at Concordia University.