Student success is our number one priority. With a 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, students succeed through our open-door policy and collaborative atmosphere. Throughout your pharmacy school training, you can be confident you'll receive a meaningful, impactful, and worthwhile pharmacy school experience

Concordia's School of Pharmacy scores 12% higher than the national average of pharmacy school graduates who feel “If I were starting my pharmacy program over again, I would choose the same School of Pharmacy.”

[According to 2021 AACP Graduating Student Survey and National Comparison Data]

What sets our program apart?

  • Our students enjoy their pharmacy school experience. Our program consistently exceeds the national average of pharmacy school graduates who feel they would choose the same pharmacy school again if they were staring over.
  • Our curriculum is constantly being improved in our manageable four-year program that offers the balance you need to engage in cutting-edge research, practice hands-on field work, gain pivotal clinical experience, build your pharmacy network, and recharge during winter & summer breaks.
  • Our suburban location offers tremendous opportunity for students to gain experiences in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in urban or rural communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and the rest of the state. In addition, students have opportunities to work across the country and internationally on global healthcare projects.
  • Our mission is about more than just creating pharmacists. As a Lutheran institution, we are committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to underserved communities, Christ in the Church, and the world.
  • We have state-of-the-art education facilities. Schedule a visit to see for yourself.


Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Make a positive impact on people's health with a future career in pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Public Health

This program offers a mission-focused perspective on public health and prepares you to serve as a globally minded citizen working to protect and promote the public's health.


Doctor of Pharmacy

Our AACP award-winning PharmD program equips difference-makers to lead lives of passionate purpose, service, and impact as proactive, caring pharmacists and people.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) & Master of Public Health Dual Degree

As health care reform continues to be at the forefront of the health care industry, prevention-focused public health is projected to grow in demand and importance. Pharmacists can play a critical role in leading and changing this discussion.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and MBA Dual Degree

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with dual PharmD and MBA degrees from CUW. Start work on both your first semester. Average completion time: Four years!

Graduate Certificate

Natural Products Science Certificate

Increase your knowledge and awareness in nutraceuticals or medical cannabis to help others.


Master of Science in Natural Products Science

Develop your skills and knowledge in the innovative and emerging field of natural products.


Pharmacy Residency

Our Pharmacy Residency program (PGY1) is designed to prepare academic ambulatory care practitioners with a specific focus on urban underserved practice settings.