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54 Years as a Painter

"To the young, 54 years seems an eternity. For those of us closer to the end of the journey, it’s a mere moment. My experience of painting has seldom been continuous – there have been interruptions – sometimes quite lengthy ones – when the cares of life took precedence over putting paint on canvas – but painting has persistently returned" - Dr. Gaylund K. Stone

Dr. Gaylund K. Stone

Dr. Gaylund K. Stone, originally from Willoughby, Ohio, has been at Concordia University since 1991. He served as Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences from 1998 to 2015 and is currently Chair of the Art Department and Program Director for the Graduate Program in Art Education. He received his Ph.D. in Urban Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a specialization in Art Education and a minor in Philosophy. He holds an M.Ed. degree in Art Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and an A.B. in Art and Archaeology from Princeton University. His primary studio interest is painting in both oils and acrylics. His research interests center on the relationships between artistic behaviors and cognitive processes and his studio areas include drawing and stained glass in addition to painting. He teaches a range of studio courses as well as courses in art history, aesthetics, and art education.

Dr. Stone and his wife, Terri, have three children, Laura, David, and Matthew. They are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Sheboygan Falls.

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