Current Exhibition

Spiritual Reflections

January 23 - April 2, 2023

Opening Reception Feb 10, 2023 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Artist Statement

Jan Jahnke

The finished pieces are a connection between myself and other people. Hiking with my daughter in the Southwest, my son's land in northern Wisconsin, and memories of my grandparent's farm are sources for ideas. Textures of grasses, layers of drying leaves, and piles of stone. Colors of sunlight, shadows, and decay. Patterns of branches, tree bark, and pebbles in the sand. They are all part of the natural world that inspires me. Whether creating abstracts or more realistic renderings of nature, I work with a combination of spontaneity and editing. Multiple layers of ink -both transparent and opaque-are applied, edited and applied again. Eventually the piece will reflect nature with its rich surface quality, texture and energy.

Artist Statement

Susan Buss

Susan’s artwork includes salvaged and reclaimed woolens and linens, other natural and synthetic fibers, and hand-dyed yarns to use with weaving techniques or other fiber art and sculptural processes. She uses language, visual and verbal, to express her often tongue-in-cheek humor. Susan is in the midst of a series of works as surfaces that reflect prayer.

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Gallery Information

Visitors are welcome to view the exhibit at their leisure; during our hours of operation. No reservations are required, but guests should plan to check in at CUW's front desk and follow standard COVID-19 safety protocols, including wearing a mask and physically distancing.


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