Learn on the job

Just because you’ve graduated and have a job, doesn't mean it’s time to stop learning. As educators well know, you never STOP learning. In fact, it’s important to continue a lifelong habit of learning, to stay on top of the curve. Concordia offers graduate education professional development credits (EDGP) to help make this possible.

At Concordia, our graduate education professional development credits (EDGP) can be used for licensure renewal. They can also be used to construct a comprehensive professional development plan that can be tailored to your specific school or district needs. We can provide expert instructors or consultants to lead seminars for your staff on issues such as data analysis, educator effectiveness, academic coaching, or improving school relationships.

Never stop learning! Use our professional development credits program to get the education you want—for you or your staff! Let us provide an in-depth analysis with your leadership team to understand your educational needs and goals! We can provide instructors or syllabi for your professional development seminars. EDGP credits can also be used to build a professional development certificate for districts.

Professional development credits

Graduate Professional Development Credits (EDGP and EDGT) are offered through a variety of workshops, presentations, and online modules. Each credit earned is equivalent to 15 hours of professional development. The University provides an approved syllabus for each course. The EDGP and EDGT courses are designed for professional development, salary advancement, school district-specific needs, and recertification/licensure opportunities. EDGP or EDGT credits cannot be used for master's degree programs at Concordia University.

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Academic or Christian Community Scholarships

If you are an employee of one of our Preferred Education Partner schools or districts OR at any qualifying Christian school or church you may qualify for one of these scholarships. Click here to learn more about our Uncommon Scholarship opportunities.