About Academic Advising at CUW

It doesn’t matter how early you are into your time at Concordia or how close you are to graduating, your Academic Advisor is here to help with whatever you need. But be advised: Our advisors aren’t just here to advise. They’re here to advocate for you. Because more than anything, we want you to succeed—in school and in life. That means we’ll help you establish your educational goals, navigate coursework and the academic terrain, and take on any obstacles that might stand in the way of success. Of course, we may not have all of the answers, but we’ll always go to great lengths to help you with whatever you need. We do a lot more than just pick classes, that’s for sure.

Connect with Your Advisor

We don’t have a centralized office, because we’re always out “in the field,” as it were, serving students across campus. But as long as we’ve got you here, we might as well work on connecting you with the best advisor for your needs. Let’s start by having you tell us which type of student you are:

Traditional Undergraduate

CUW's Academic Advising Office helps you plan your program of study that fits the vision you have for your future. Our programs encourage intellectual and spiritual development, self-knowledge and the professional skills you’ll need to succeed. As a degree-seeking student, you’ll be assigned a faculty or professional advisor during your first term.

Academic Advising – An Educational Partnership

As a degree-seeking student, you’ll be assigned a faculty or professional advisor just before the start of your first term.

  • If you’ve declared a major, you’ll be assigned an advisor within your area or department of study
  • If you’re undecided, you will become enrolled in CUW’s one credit Career Exploration course (LA 101), in additional to being assigned a professional Academic Advisor to assist with course selection

If you have questions about academic advising or the selection of advisors, please contact us at 262-243-4499.
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Adult Education

Advising questions should be directed to your specific center location. Your assigned Advisor can be found on the portal under the "Student" tab.

Graduate Students

Academic Advising is divided programmatically; therefore please reach out to your Department for advising assistance. Your assigned Advisor can be found on the portal under the "Student" tab.

Online Students

For assistance with course selection, please contact the Online Department at 262-243-4442.

Academic Coaching & Support

Here’s our goal: to turn out graduates who are competent, Christ-centered servant leaders in whatever profession they choose. And the truth is, the programs and curricula at CUW are rigorous. It’s one thing to have the desire to take on such a challenge, but don’t stress it if you find yourself needing more tools to help you handle such an advanced level of coursework. That’s why we’re here. And it’s why we developed three programs: PROSPER, STAR, and FAST.


We love acronyms. Because “PROSPER” is so much easier to remember than the “Providing Resources and Opportunities for Student Performance, Engagement, and Retention.” What you really need to know is that this academic coaching program is designed for new students. We’ll meet with you weekly for one-on-one meetings and help you develop 16 critical academic skills. Among them: time management skills, study strategies, and academic resilience.

STAR is an easier way to remember Striving Towards Academic Recovery. This program is geared toward students facing academic difficulty, and it takes a similar approach. Through academic coaching and/or a series of workshops, we can help you develop many of the academic tools you need to succeed. Click here to request enrollment in the STAR program.

Then there’s FAST, which is short for Falcon Academic Support Team. This is an academic early-alert program that teams with faculty and staff to identify and intervene with students facing academic difficulty. We’ll work with you to connect you with the appropriate resources and overcome those challenges.

Contact Us

Bottom line, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, just reach out!

Phone: 262-243-4499
Hours: Monday - Friday  | 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.