Undergraduate Application Steps

It’s time to help you become a Falcon! Just follow these simple steps to complete your application.

For first-time freshmen:

  1. Submit your online application  
  2. Have your school send your official high school transcripts. Transcripts may be mailed or sent via a transcript processing service to:

    Concordia University Wisconsin
    Admissions Office
    12800 N. Lake Shore Dr.
    Mequon, WI 53097

  3. Send your official ACT or SAT scores

Scores on your high school transcript will be considered official. If your school does not put scores on transcripts, please contact ACT at www.act.org or College Board at www.collegeboard.org.

For transfer students:

  1. Submit your online application
  2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

*Transfer students with less than 60 college credits completed will also submit official high school transcripts. Students who have less than 30 college credits also need to submit official ACT or SAT scores. Scores on your high school transcript will be considered official.

Minimum requirements

  • A minimum GPA of a 2.5/4.0 (C average) or higher
  • ACT composite of 18 or above
  • SAT equivalent of 940 or higher for combined math and evidence-based reading and writing (for tests taken after March 2016)

*If your GPA or ACT score falls below the minimum for acceptance, your admissions counselor may ask you to retake the test or supply additional documents, such as an essay or letters of recommendation, to complete the application.

Required academic coursework in high school

A minimum of 16 units of high school (secondary school) work is required, of which at least 11 should be in basic liberal arts areas. Units should be distributed as follows:

  • English: At least three units, but four are strongly recommended
  • Mathematics: Two units of college-prep math, preferably one each in Algebra and Geometry
  • Natural Science: Two units, preferably one each in Biology, Physics or Chemistry
  • Social Studies: Two units, preferably one each in world history and American history
  • Liberal Arts: Two units of the same foreign language or additional units in one or more of the other listed subjects or in fine arts
  • Other Electives: Five units from any area of academic study, but ideally from the areas listed above
  • German or Latin is recommended for pre-seminary students

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