Earn college credits while in high school

Michigan residents should use the CUAA pre-college webpage for MI tuition rates and application links.

Honors-level high school students have the option to earn college credit by enrolling in online or face-to-face courses at the Mequon campus. Typically juniors and seniors enroll, but accelerated freshman and sophomores may apply. Students can choose up to 2 courses for the fall and spring term.

Courses Available

On-campus course at CUW: Students who can commute to the Mequon campus can enroll in an on-campus course with our traditional undergradute students.

  • Students have the ability to select any undergraduate course from the academic catalog, as long as they meet pre-requisites
  • On-campus courses usually require a textbook purchase. CUW Online Bookstore

View the full course listing below by term and be sure to select FT for campus location

To verify on campus course availability and to register, please contact: Sarah Kitterman at sarah.kitterman@cuw.edu l 262.243.4542

List of on-campus courses

Online course: Students enrolling in online courses will be placed in courses with other high school students from private, public, and homeschool locations all over the globe. The fall and spring term courses are 16 weeks in length, and the summer term courses span over 10 weeks.

  • Our flexible courses are taught by faculty with the ability for the student to log in any time from any location
  • Courses are not self-paced and students will have set deadlines for assignments

List of online courses


Concordia Promise Dual Credit

  • Eligible students attend a Christian high school or are homeschooled
  • students can earn a max of 36 credits
  • $50 per credit

Wisconsin Early College Credit Program (ECCP)

  • Eligible students attend a public or private high school in Wisconsin
  • Cost is shared by the state, school district, and in some cases the student
  • $150 per credit
    • Submit an ECCP Request Form to the high school for approval. High school deadlines are typically March 1 for fall courses and Oct 1 for spring courses.
    • Concordia submits invoice to the high school
    • Student responsible for tuition if they do not receive a passing grade or drop

Dual Credit

  • Eligible students attend a public high school outside WI or MI or not receiving state funding
  • $150 per credit


New students

  1. Complete a NON-DEGREE application and select you intend to enroll as a dual credit student
  2. Submit a high school transcript (transcripts can be emailed to precollege@cuw.edu)

New Student - Apply Now

Returning students

Students who have already taken a Concordia dual credit course will need to complete a form below to indicate their course of interest. No transcript is required. To enroll in multiple terms, submit the form twice.

Returning Student - Apply Now

Admission requirements

  • Students of typical high school age in grades 9-12 are eligible. A writing sample may be required for grade 9 students
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in academic high school academic courses

Academic Year (2021 - 2022)

  • SUMMER: June 7th - August 13th
    • Apply by May 1st
  • FALL: August 30th - December 17th
    • Apply by July 1st
  • SPRING: January 24th - May 13th
    • Apply by December 1st

Questions about our pre-college program contact:


These 16-week online courses are organized into weekly units with assignment deadlines. Students can login and complete coursework anytime during the day or night.

*courses with asterisk are offered in the summer, spring and fall

Courses that are part of the Concordia Core Curriculum

Electives or specific to major

Our online course descriptions may be helpful to review with your school counselor to determine approval.

On-campus courses (May be on-campus or virtual)

View the full course listing below by term and be sure to select FT for campus location

To verify on campus course availability and to register, please contact: Sarah Kitterman 262.243.4542

Music Ensembles: See the courses listed under Music. If you have questions on these courses or our ensembles, please Contact johanna.anderson@cuw.edu for more information. Applied Music courses (lessons) do not qualify for Concordia Promise funding.

Pre-College on-campus courses