Earn college credits while in high school 

    Michigan residents should use the CUAA precollege webpage for MI tuition rates and application links.

Honors-level high school students have the option to earn college credit in online or on-campus college courses while still in high school.  Typically juniors and seniors enroll but accelerated freshmen and sophomore may apply.  

Available Courses

  • On-campus course at CUW: Students who can commute to the Mequon campus may enroll in a variety of courses.  Specific days and times of classes are posted 8 weeks before a term starts.  

List of on-campus courses

  • Online course: Students can choose from 16-week semester-long online courses.  Online courses are divided into weekly units with specific assignment deadlines, they are not self-paced.  
    • With flexible online classes, students can login anytime during the day.
    • Click the List of Online Courses button to view the 'What to Expect' course preview of each class
    • Questions about online courses can be sent to: Tim Gieschen 262-243-2077
List of online courses

Tuition Rates for Precollege

  • Christian High School and Homeschool Students qualify for the reduced Concordia Promise tuition rate of $50 per credit. That's only $150 for a typical 3-credit class. The Promise rate can be used for a maximum of 36 credits.
  • State of WI Funding - ECCP (WI public high schools) Courses are $150 per credit. Students may have a portion of their tuition paid by their school district. The cost to an ECCP funded student is typically $112.50. Local public school district policy determines the exact student tuition.  
    An ECCP Request Form (or the school district's form) must be submitted to the local school district for funding approval. 
    • Deadlines are typically March 1 for fall courses and Oct 1 for spring courses.
    • In addition to the ECCP Form, students should also complete a Concordia application using the apply link below.  


Academic Terms and Application Deadlines

Apply now for fall 2020 and spring 2021 courses.
COVID deadline extension: The enrollment deadline for fall classes has been extended to August 15.  Some courses may be full but we will do our best to accommodate late enrollment requests.

  • Fall term:  Aug 24 - Dec 11, 2020.  Register by August 15.  
  • Spring term:  Jan 25 - May 14, 2021.  Register by Dec 1. 

Returning students

  1. Students who have already taken a Concordia dual credit course use the Returning Student link.
  2. Returning students can use the link below for ONLINE and for ON-CAMPUS classes.
  3. No transcript is required. 
  4. Students may take 1 or 2 courses each term.
  5. To enroll in multiple terms (fall and spring), submit separate registrations.

Returning Student - Apply Now

New students

  1. Click the button below and choose the NON-DEGREE, DUAL CREDIT application option.
  2. Be prepared to enter a student email, social security number, and the course requested. 
  3. New students should only take 1 course for the first term.
  4. A high school transcript and high school approval are required to finalize the application.  Students can upload a transcript or Concordia will request a transcript from the high school.
    Transcripts can be emailed to precollege@cuw.edu 

New Student - Apply Now

Admission requirements

  • Students are typically juniors and seniors but accelerated freshmen and sophomores may apply.  A placement exam may be required for grade 9 students.
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in academic high school classes.
  • ACT or SAT test scores may be submitted but are not required.

Precollege contact information

  • For admissions and on-campus courses: Sarah Kitterman 262-243-4542
  • For online courses, billing, or program questions: Tim Gieschen 262-243-2077

Non credit Precollege Programs at Concordia

  1. STEAM camp : Week-long summer program for grades 3-8.   Classes offered at CUW and at sites around the midwest.     
  2. African American Male Initiative:  Summer 3-day program for grades 9-12. Sponsored by the Closing the Achievement Gap Consortium.     
  3. African American Female Initiative: Summer 3-day program for grades 9-12. Sponsored by the Closing the Achievement Gap Consortium. 
  4. Concordia Soccer Academy:  U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14. Summer and winter indoor tournaments.
  5. Concordia Basketball Camps:  
  6. Servants of Christ Conference  Summer 2-day program for grades 9-12.


Online courses available

These 16-week online courses are organized into weekly units with assignment deadlines.  The courses are NOT self-paced. Students can login and complete coursework anytime during the day or night. 

Courses that are part of the Concordia Core Curriculum

Electives or only for some majors

  • MGMT 130 Principles of Management, 3 cr FALL or SPRING (What to Expect)
  • MKTG 131 Principles of Marketing, 3 cr FALL or SPRING (What to Expect)
  • PHAR 105 Introduction to Pharmacy, 1 credit SPRING ONLY (What to Expect)
  • ED 102 Foundations of Education, 3 cr FALL or SPRING (What to Expect)
  • CHEM 100 Intro to Chemistry (no lab)  SUMMER TERM ONLY
  • ED 103  Human Relations     Only for 3rd/4th year AAMI or AAFI summer students

On-campus courses

Listed below are the most common on-campus courses taken by precollege students.  Additional courses are available.  For course descriptions and details, view the Undergraduate Catalog.
Contact sarah.kitterman@cuw.edu to ask about class times or to request an on-campus course.

Approval: Final placement in a course requires department approval and availability of seats. 

Music Ensembles: See the courses listed under MUS. Contact johanna.anderson@cuw.edu for more information about music ensembles. Applied Music courses (lessons) do not qualify for Concordia Promise funding.

Textbooks: The online bookstore may have textbook information for on-campus classes.  

ACCT 203 Financial Accounting  
ART 110 Design Fundamentals (Art fee required)
ART 130 Digital Photography I  (Art fee required)
ART 141 Drawing Fundamentals  (Art fee required)
BCOM 247 Business Writing  
BIO 191 Human Anat & Phys I Lecture  (also need Lab)
BUS 161 Business Essentials 
CCE 120 Western Thought & Worldview 
CCE 130 Christian Citizen 
CCE 140 Science & Humanity  
CHEM 100 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 105 Elem of Gen & Biolog Chem  
COMM 105 Public Speaking 
COMM 201 Interpersonal Communication 
CSC 150 Found Comp Science 
CSC 150 Found Comp Science 
CSD 100 Intro to Comm Sci & Disorders  
ECON 200 Principles of Economics  
ED 102 Foundations of Education 
ENG 103 Civ & Worldviews: Lit  
ENG 104 Intro to Writing 
GEOG 220 Cultural Geography  
GER 102 Beginning German II  
HIST 103 World Views:History 
HIST 163 Non-Western World:A History  
LAT 106 Latin II:Basic Grammar & Vocab 
MATH 125 Contemporary Math  
MATH 128 College Algebra 
MATH 201 Calculus I 
MATH 202 Calculus II 
MATH 205 Statistics I  
MGMT 130 Principles of Management  
MKTG 131 Principles of Marketing 
MUS 180 Chapel Ringers  
MUS 181 The Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
MUS 182 Chapel Choir  
MUS 184 Kammerchor  
MUS 185 Alleluia Ringers 
MUS 187 Pep Band 
MUS 188 Jazz Ensemble 
MUS 190 String Ens./Chamber Orch. 
MUS 192 University Band  
MUS 197 Concordia Civic Chorale (evening)
PHIL 201 Central Texts of Philosophy 
PHIL 211 Elementary Logic  
POLS 101 Intro-Political Science 
POLS 201 American Government  
PSY 101 General Psychology  
REL 100 The Bible 
REL 110 Christian Faith 
REL 201 Old Testament 
RSC 106 Medical Terminology 
SCI 110 Intro Life & Phys Sci 
SOC 101 Intro to Sociology 
SPAN 101 Begin Spanish I  
SPAN 102 Begin Spanish II 
SPAN 202 Interm Spanish II 
THTR 101 Theatre Practicum