The Good Samaritan Team (GST) is an interdisciplinary behavioral intervention team that identifies and ministers to students deemed to be at risk to themselves or others socially, mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.

Make A Referral

To make a referral to the Good Samaritan Team, please speak with Steve Gerner (262.243.4481) or any member of the team:

  • Dr. Steve Gerner (Chair) x4481
    Dean of Students
  • Dave Enters x4211
    Director, Counseling Services
  • Elizabeth Polzin x4210
    Asst. VP of Academics-Student Success
  • Steve Taylor x4392
    Vice President of Student Life
  • Jeremy Schumacher x2066
    Mental Wellness Coach-Athletics
  • Beckie Kruse x4328
    Director, Residence Life
  • Steve Smith x4389
    Campus Pastor
  • Dr. Anne Spahr x4456
    Counseling Services
  • Mike Stolte x2088
    Director, Campus Safety
  • Renee Gosselin x4574
    Nurse Manager, Student Health

What kind of assistance does the GST offer students?

The chair of the GST relays the circumstances of the referral. Other members of the GST contribute their knowledge about, or interactions with, the student. The GST members assess the student’s situation from a broad range of perspectives and create a plan of care for the student. The plan of care is an individualized arrangement that involves connecting the student with resources on- and/or off-campus. The student is typically monitored until a pattern of wellness is established.

Will my referral remain anonymous?

Your name will not be revealed to the student. However, the student will be informed of the specific observations that were described to GST. Depending on the circumstances of these observations, the student may or not be able to discern who made the referral.