Become an RA at Concordia University Wisconsin

Resident Assistants (RAs) help create a campus community through service that contributes to the growth and development of their fellow students, primarily in the residence halls. The role provides a valuable servant leadership experience and is a great way to live out CUW values. RAs are an integral part of Residence Life at CUW.

Next Steps

  1. Check out the Sample RA Contract/Description and talk with your current RA about their experience to decide if being an RA is right for you.
    • Make sure you meet all of the position requirements listed in the Sample RA Contract!
  2. Timeline for selection process:
    • NOTE: We cannot accept late or incomplete applications.
  3. Attend an information session to learn more specifics about the job. You should also meet the Residence Life Professional Staff who will be the primary people interviewing you for the position.
  4. Check out the list of Important Dates. These are the dates that you will be required to be on campus as an RA for the 2023-2024 school year.
    • Apply even if you are missing one or two dates, but please let us know in your individual interview!
  5. If you have decided you would like to apply to be an RA, you must apply for room selection! We can only consider applicants who have an active housing application.
  6. Update and edit your résumé. Utilize the Career Services online resources. Residence Life strongly encourages you to have a Career Services staff member look it over to make sure it's properly formatted and checked for spelling and grammar.
    • You can contact them by calling 262-243-4499 or stopping by their office in Stuenkel 103.
  7. Start and complete the application and submit to the Resident Director of the building where you currently live by Monday, Feb 20th no later than noon. Your RD will want to briefly talk to you about the position upon turning in the form. This includes:
  8. If you met all of the requirements, then you will receive an email detailing the next steps in the new RA Selection process. Good luck!

Vision of the Halls

If you'd like to learn more about the students, qualities of successful RAs, joys and needs of residents (and more!) in each of our residence halls - select one below to read about it.


Are you curious about people?  Do you have an eclectic friend group?  Then this might be the hall for you!  Augsburg is the most diverse of all our halls. It is home to traditional freshmen, sophomores, juniors, senior and even graduate students. You'll find athletes and musicians, introverts and extroverts, domestic students and international students. Men live in single rooms on the first floor and women live on the second floor in singles, or triples. The successful RA for this building will need to be intentional in building one-on-one relationships and making the most of every opportunity to find common ground with residents. RAs have their own room and make use of all the hidden spaces in the hall including mini lounges and the Augsburg kitchen with comfy couches.


Chemnitz houses both men and women in 9-person suites.  The population is predominantly new students and hosts a few AbleLight College students. New students bring energy and excitement to campus, giving RAs opportunities for connection and mentorship. Successful RAs need to be understanding, able to facilitate roommate mediations, be available, and willing to connect with others who are different than them. RAs will need to work at helping residents create a community outside their own suite, to connect with others in their hall and building. This hall is home to many student leaders who work together to support our freshmen.  Successful Chemnitz RAs work with Faith Associates and AbleLight RAs to create a supportive community.  Since the RA suite has two bedrooms, some RAs share a suite with a Faith Associate.  Others fill the other side of their suite with two friends.


Coburg is a male/female hall with 4-person suites, consisting of four individual rooms, a living room, and a bathroom. Coburg residents have a reputation for being very busy upperclassmen. Many are involved with campus events or internships/clinicals.  These residents have CUW experience, so they won't be asking many questions about the policies and procedures of campus. Successful RAs (with three roommates) need to be outgoing, supportive, genuine, and comfortable with making the first move to meet someone. As an RA, you will be giving many Coburg residents their last memories of campus life.


Heidelberg is our only all-male hall, housing mostly new students. Residents enjoy the open-door community, with close proximity to CUW's athletic facilities, the library, and The Landing. Heidelberg RAs can live alone or choose to have a roommate. Successful RAs need to be creative with programming, welcoming to new students, and have a desire to help orient their residents to campus in a variety of ways. 


Katharine is an all-female residence hall with a variety of room types: doubles, triples or quads. It is a cozy living community with a great view of the lake and easy access to the International Center with their many programs and food! The successful Katharine RA will proactively find ways to host residents in their room (first floor – no roommate) and find ways to connect in resident’s rooms (second floor – 2 suitemates). Katharine hosts mostly sophomores and juniors.


Regents is a male/female hall with mostly 4-person suites (there are two 5-person suites at the end of each hallway) consisting of two bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom. Each floor has some sort of lobby or recreational space and there is a kitchen on the ground floor next to the atrium. Regents is home to mostly sophomores and juniors, many of which are involved in athletics. They are familiar with campus resources and policies so they won’t need a ton of assistance in those areas. RAs have had success taking a friendship role with their residents instead of a guidance role. If you are outgoing, authentic, and have a good sense of humor you will be successful in Regents.


Wartburg is an all-ladies residence hall featuring mostly 4-person suites. Wartburg boasts a great location as the closest residence hall to the Nest, Cafeteria and parking structure. Lots of positive vibes coming from this warm and friendly hall! Successful RAs find ways to program in the hallways and hang out in their resident’s rooms. Wartburg is home to mostly sophomores, which gives RAs a great opportunity to support students starting to take difficult classes within their major programs. The Wartburg lounge is a great programming space with everything from Henna programs to nights devoted to watching the Bachelor on TV. Wartburg RAs will have their own room and share the suite with two friends.


Wittenberg is home to predominantly new students, which includes a large athletic population. Women are on the first floor and men on the second.  Residents live in triple or quad rooms, with easy access to the ice rink, fire pits, grassy lawn areas, kitchen, and lounge. Successful RAs use their large rooms (can live alone or choose to have roommates), their close proximity to other RAs, or the outdoor spaces for programming and will continue building on Wittenberg's historically open-door community. Successful RAs listen well, encourage healthy relationships, and facilitate roommate mediations.


If you have questions, please contact:

Quinn Roekle

Quinn Roekle

Resident Director of Katharine & Wartburg