Welcome, undergraduate students to CUW’s summer housing page!

Student Housing contracts are active during the Fall Term and Spring Term. Summer is outside of contract and therefore an exception granted at the discretion of the Director of Residence Life. Priority will be given to CUW students who fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Enrolled in one or more CUW summer classes
  • Participating in a university-sponsored internship
  • Participating in a CUW summer theater production
  • Employed as a CUW Summer Student Employee

All Residence Hall Policies apply including Visitation Hours and No Alcohol. Any violations will result in removal from housing for the remainder of the summer.

Halls are closed in the summer, therefore in-term student supports and services are reduced. The Student Health Center and Counseling have reduced hours. Sodexo food service also operates in a limited capacity.

Here is an overview of information to assist you with the summer housing process:

  • Summer housing dates: May 15th - Aug 1st
  • Cost per week (Sun-Fri): $190

Questions can be directed too: Kyle McCarragher, Resident Director via email kyle.mccarragher@cuw.edu or phone 262-243-4568.

Summer Housing applications will open April 1, 2023.