Fulfill Your Unique Potential

Concordia University is a university of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and one of nine colleges and universities that together form the nation-wide Concordia University System.  Our university educates students across a broad range of professional fields, and also offers professional church career education in the areas of Pre-Seminary studies, Lutheran teacher training, parish music, and church ministries leadership.

As a liberal arts university in the Lutheran tradition, CUW embraces a vibrant understanding of Lutheran vocation. In this, we believe that God has uniquely gifted each person to live a life of meaning that extends God’s hands into the world. When we live out our callings, even when we do not realize it, God cares for all people.

In every Concordia classroom, on the playing fields and performance stages, in the residence halls, and even in our online learning, we strive to develop within each student the ideals of a Christian life. Within a Christian framework, students come to recognize that achieving their highest potential is remarkable not only for the betterment of self, but also for the good of others.

Faith in Action

Our faith community reflects the Lutheran tradition, while remaining welcoming to students of other faiths. Opportunities for worship, Bible study, Christian service and mission experiences abound on our residential campuses, in our online learning contexts, and at our extension campuses located throughout Wisconsin.

To learn more about Concordia’s approach to Lutheran Christian higher education, please contact us at 262-243-4343.

Find Your Calling

Whether you’re new in your faith or have grown up in the Church, Concordia’s programs are specifically designed to help cultivate your God-given gifts so that you can have the greatest impact for His Kingdom. Click here to learn more about our church work programs.