The field of medical science is teeming with ethical debates that boggle the mind—everything from eliminating genetic diseases through DNA mutation to cryonics, cloning, and artificial wombs. How do we hang on to our biblical perspective in a world that often promotes a different, “moral” approach?

We’re here to help. The Concordia Center for Bioethics (CCB) engages in teaching classes, participates in conferences, and hosts presentations—offering information and biblically based advice to those who face serious, life-and-death dilemmas, or to those who have a curiosity for the subject.

Mission Statement

The Concordia Center for Bioethics is a Christian academic center that applies God’s Word to issues involving biology and health care through teaching, service, and research.


Focusing on academics and scholarship, the Concordia Center for Bioethics provides Christ-centered courses, conferences, seminars, information, and guidance to students, professionals, and the general public. Participants analyze and apply ethical principles grounded in a biblical understanding of the world.

Academic Programs

The academic programs of the CCB apply Christ-centered thought to issues involving biology and health care. Students in CCB courses will analyze and apply ethical principles that are grounded in biblical understanding of the world and informed by contemporary scholarship.

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