Concordia’s assessment of student learning centers on six Global End Proficiencies connected to the mission and values of the University. These global proficiencies are foundational to all student learning and reflect the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that all students are expected to acquire and describe the difference the University seeks to make in the lives of its graduates and in the world.

University Global Ends

  1. Christian Faith - Our graduates are grounded in the Christian faith while also recognizing other major worldviews and how they differ from a Christian understanding of the world.
  2. Service and Global Citizenship - Our graduates are globally-minded citizens.
  3. Integrated Disciplinary Knowledge - Our graduates integrate insights from a wide range of disciplines.
  4. Critical Thinking/Creative Problem Solving - Our graduates think rationally, critically, and creatively.
  5. Communicative Fluency - Our graduates communicate effectively.
  6. Analytical Fluency - Our graduates work with data effectively.

Evidence of student learning at Concordia includes results of assessment activities from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives include evidence of indirect (e.g. surveys) and direct (e.g. tests) student learning.


While the Global Ends undergird all programs, data-gathering approaches and methods vary. Program-level assessment in particular, is characterized by methodological diversity. Many programs use locally- or externally-developed rubrics for the analysis of samples of student work; others have developed and administered program-specific learning questionnaires; some have embedded assessment items into course examinations.

Departmental Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans/Reports

Licensure Exam Passage Rates:

Exam Description 2015 2016 2017 3-yr Avg 2017  National 
NCLEX Nursing Undergraduates  89% 95% 89% 86%
AANP Family Nurse Practitioner 93% 94% 83%
AANP Gerontology Nurse Practitioner 100% 100% 77%
PT Natl. Exam Physical  Therapy 100% 100% 96% 99% 94%
ACOTE Occupational Therapy 97% 100% 87% 95% 81%
BOC Athletic Training 70% 82% 100% 76% 84%
NAPLEX Pharmacy 97% 81% 88% 89% 90%
NCC Physician Assistant 86% 93% 100% 93% 96%

CUW Professional License Pass Rates

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