Nominate your fellow staff

You are invited to submit your nomination for a staff peer you consider worthy of the Harris Draayers S.T.A.R Award!

This award is an honor bestowed by the staff on one of its own in recognition as the outstanding staff member of the year. Overall consideration will be given to the staff member who exemplifies Concordia as a way of life by making outstanding contributions and bringing honor to the university through service, teamwork, action and results. The award recipient is a model of Christian life, excels in his/her area of work, engages in service to others, supports campus activities in various ways, and/or is involved in church and community affairs. Preference will be given to staff with outstanding current contributions. While long-term service may be a factor, it should not be the overriding one. Any staff member who qualifies for benefits is eligible for this award, with the exception of vice presidents.