Take a break from binge-watching the latest Netflix hit and instead, put your coding skills to the test!

Each year in November, Concordia’s Computer Science department offers students the chance to stretch their creative muscles by teaming up to design—in the span of 12 hours—a real product following a given set of requirements. We call this a hackathon, and trust us, it’s worth putting off your “Friends” marathon another weekend.

Started in 2016, Concordia’s Virtual Reality Hackathon has drawn dozens of students—most of them majoring or minoring in Computer Science or IT, but also just some enthusiasts. In the span of 12 hours, the teams have started from scratch to produce a range of products utilizing the HTC Vive and oculus Rift VR equipment provided by CUW’s Computer Science department.

Products from past hackathons have included:

  • A skydiving simulator
  • A jungle survival challenge
  • A virtual tour of CUW
  • A zombie chase game
  • An adventure quest
  • A remake of a classic PC game

Be sure to check the Upcoming Events page for details on the next Virtual Reality Hackathon.
Contact Professor Josh Locklair for more information.