With more than 40 programs to choose from and a liberal arts core curriculum that emphasizes Christian critical thinking and responsible decision making, you’ll learn to ethically thrive in the world, no matter which major you choose.

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Associate in Arts in Theology

Our Associate Degree in Theology was designed for students who are preparing for certification as professional church workers such as Lutheran teachers and lay ministers.


Bachelor of Arts in Art

A Bachelor’s in Art gives you a well-rounded liberal arts education, sharpens your perceptual and expressive skills and prepares you to pursue your studio interests in a range of art-related vocations.

Bachelor of Arts in Art Education

An Art Education Bachelor's allows you to help others express themselves through art by expressing your gifts in the classroom.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Languages

Our Bachelor of Science in Biblical Languages for Translation and Mission program will train you in Lutheran theology and the original languages of Scripture to prepare you for mission impact.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought

Concordia’s Christian Thought program is devoted to the study of the history of Christianity, Christian doctrine, philosophy, apologetics, and ethics.

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Education

Our Classical Education program will prepare you to take a tried and true approach to teaching others.

Bachelor of Arts in Director of Church Ministries

Graduates of the Director of Church Ministries program are equipped to play a supporting role to pastors or make an impact for Christ in foreign missionary fields.

Bachelor of Arts in English

By studying language, literature, and expression at Concordia, you’ll benefit from direct exposure to the creative process and will learn to value a life of intellectual curiosity.

Bachelor of Arts in German

Our German program focuses on grammar, conversation, composition, linguistics, civilization, and culture. All German majors also study abroad.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all around you—websites you visit, books and magazines you read, food you buy at the store—influencing the way you see the world. With this degree, you will discover how you can impact the world through design.

Bachelor of Arts in History

Explore the past and develop your skills as a critical thinker with a degree in History.

Bachelor of Arts in Illustration

Illustrators are an important part of the world; they bring a unique beauty to all they create and inspire us to imagine a world full of endless possibilities.

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture and Design

With a degree in Interior Architecture and Design through our co-op program with Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, you’ll be prepared to utilize space in a meaningful way.

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design

Gain practical skills and a well-rounded liberal arts education with a degree in Interior Design through our co-op program with MATC.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

With a degree in Mass Communication, learn to convey your message to the masses through a variety of media platforms.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

With a degree in Mathematics, you’ll discover how to solve complex equations and use strategic problem solving while being mentored by professors.

Bachelor of Arts in Missions

With a major in Missions, you’ll discover how you can make an impact wherever you are on the map.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

A Bachelor’s degree in Music prepares you to excel in your chosen performance medium, while sharing the beauty of music throughout the world.

Bachelor of Arts in Parish Music

If you’re interested in the Parish Music program, you likely already have a love of music and Christian worship. Combine the two for a bountiful career serving your faith.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The Philosophy major at Concordia enriches your life, your mind, and your professional potential.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

You don’t have to look far to see evidence that our society needs well-prepared citizens with a passion to address the nation’s and the world’s pressing issues. That is our goal of the Bachelor’s in Political Science program.

Bachelor of Arts in Pre-Seminary Studies

The Bachelor’s in Pre-Seminary Studies program provides you with a foundational understanding of the doctrine and teaching of the Holy Christian Church as you consider the decision to pursue seminary training.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Explore human behavior and be equipped to make a positive impact with a degree in Psychology.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Communicate with millions of people around the globe or just down the street with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.

Bachelor of Arts in Theological Languages

A firm grasp of the theological languages is vital for your future studying, preaching, and teaching of the Scriptures.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Study God’s words, minister to others, and grow in your faith with our Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Explore a broad range of disciplines within the life sciences—from botany, zoology, and ecology to cell biology, microbiology, and genetics.

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

The Biomedical Sciences major provides the foundational sciences necessary for those planning a career in the medical sciences or health professions.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

CUW’s Chemistry curriculum includes coursework in general, organic, analytical, inorganic, and physical chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics and physics.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Concordia’s Computer Science program blends the liberal arts with technical instruction to provide a well-rounded approach to this in-demand field.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and Water Quality Technology

Safe water, healthy food, and clean air are critical to our global health. This program focuses on protecting the environment and individuals from biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to understand ecological principles, identify environmental issues, and develop sustainable, ethical solutions to environmental problems.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiology program gives you the skills you’ll need for a career in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Bachelor of Science in Horticulture

The Horticulture program is a cooperative program between CUW and MATC with concentrations available in landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Concordia’s IT program is designed for creative problem-solvers who can leverage technology to help businesses and enterprises stay competitive.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Joining this field is a big responsibility, but it is also a wonderful honor. If you are eager to serve others in a life-changing way, a Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences just might be for you.


Certificate in Music Therapy Equivalency

Our Music Therapy Equivalency program gives students the chance to concurrently work towards a music therapy equivalency at Alverno College while studying music at Concordia.

Director of Church Ministries Certificate

Explore theological topics that help you gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and equip you to better serve in the Church.


Master of Church Music

Hone your musical gifts and be the person to guide and direct congregations as they sing their praises to the Lord.

Master of Science in Applied Exercise Science

Gain a better understanding of the human body through the science behind exercise.

Master of Science in Art Education

With a Master’s in Art Education, you’ll learn how to engage your students through visual communication.

Master of Science in Athletic Training

The Master of Science in Athletic Training program at CUW is a five-year entry-level program, designed to prepare graduates to enter into a variety of employment settings and to render health care to diverse individuals engaged in physical activity.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Develop skill in software development, computer science research, and information technology systems.

Master of Science in Information Technology

Learn the core elements of IT while practicing with the latest advancements in technology.


Minor in Athletic Coaching

Take your dedication to Christ and your love of the game to a whole new level with a minor in Athletic Coaching. Students in the Elementary/Middle School Education program can choose this minor and help youth discover the joy of Christian fellowship, both on and off the field.

Minor in Bioethics

Our undergraduate minor in Bioethics offers you the opportunity to examine the ethical questions that arise in biology and health care today.

Minor in Christian Service Learning & Leadership

Feel empowered to serve Christ in the Church and the world in any career.

Minor in English/Language Arts

The English/Language Arts minor is available in the Early Childhood Education and the Elementary/Middle School Education majors.

Minor in German

The German Minor is a useful and important path as an educator to teach a global language rooted in Lutheran history.

Minor in Spanish

With a Spanish Minor, you will immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language to be able to teach with the second most widely spoken language in one of our fastest growing programs.

Minor in Sports Media

Dive into the exciting sports industry through a different lens with a Minor in Sports Media.

Minor in Theatre

Theatre is a community pursuit that will leave you with a better understanding of the world around you.