When you get involved with an arts and sciences-related club at Concordia, you open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities: connections with fellow Concordians who share your same interests, opportunities to practice and apply what you’ve learned in the classroom, and the chance to serve others in ways that match the unique skillsets you’ve been given. Check out some of the liberal arts-focused student organizations you can look forward to joining at CUW, and visit our Clubs & Organizations page to see more of our offerings.

Language clubs

Concordia University German Club

Members of the German Club meet regularly to stretch their language skills and put on events to help others appreciate the culture and history of Luther’s home country.

Fine arts clubs 

Center Stage

Center Stage is a club that celebrates theatre arts.

Concordia University Wisconsin Organ Club

The purpose of the Concordia University Wisconsin Organ Club is to encourage and assist in building appreciation for the pipe organ and good music in general. This is accomplished through meetings and various events, including off-campus excursions to hear professional performances on the organ and to hear the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. On-campus events include Finals Week Hymnsing and Music ‘til Midnight.

Concordia University Wisconsin A Capella Club

A Capella Club is made up of three different groups: an all-guys group, “Fermata Nowhere”; an all-girls group, “Tone Down For What”; and a mixed group, “If Looks Could Trill.” The groups host concerts throughout the year and sing occasionally for events outside of the university.

Comedy Gold

Comedy Gold is an improv club created to provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere for students to try something new, share their comedic side with others, and relieve stress.

Church work clubs

Director of Church Ministries Association

The Director of Church Ministries Association (DCMA) fosters support and fellowship among students enrolled in the director of church ministries (DCM) program by providing planned activities and meetings.

Pre-Seminary Student Association

The Pre-Seminary Student Association (PSSA) provides tools, encouragement, and opportunities for growth for those who are considering or planning to go to seminary to become pastors. The group’s monthly meetings are opportunities for fellowship and growth, and often include an address by a professor, a local pastor or chaplain, a missionary, or some other guest speaker. Other highlights include free trips to Concordia Theological Seminary and Concordia Seminary, assisting in chapel, leading devotions, helping in local congregations, taking part in campus ministries, and more.

Program clubs

Association for Women in Mathematics

The goal of the Association for Women in Mathematics is to support Women in Mathematics.

Chemistry Club

The goal of Chemistry Club is to create a fun and safe environment for students to nurture and explore their passion for chemistry. Members do not need to be chemistry majors, they just need to have an interest in the subject. In this club, small experiments are performed, students are familiarized with chemistry professors, and speakers are brought in to explain the uses of a chemistry degree, as well as interesting things going on in the chemistry field.

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club is a group dedicated to celebrating Computer Science.

Hackathon Club

The Hackathon Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to improve their problem-solving and tram cooperation skills. By bringing participants to “hackathons” in the greater Milwaukee area, students can learn and compete against peers from other universities and grow their skills.

Philosophy Club

The CUW Philosophy Club is the successor of the Truth, Goodness and Beauty Society which developed out of the founding Socratic Club, started by Tony Horvath. Under one name or another, a group devoted to responding to the cultural and intellectual challenges to the Christian faith has been around for twenty years. Over this time, the club has been meeting to discuss intriguing questions that plague today’s society. As part of a Christian institution, the CUW philosophy club’s agenda is to present an intelligent Christian response to the many challenges posed for the Christian faith. Students do not have to be enrolled in a philosophy major to join and interact with this club.

Psychology Club of Concordia

The Psychology Club gives students a chance to practice leadership roles, work as a team, and learn about the diverse and interesting field of psychology while getting involved in campus life and in the community. The group is responsible for creating and facilitating major psych-educational service events that serve the community. Email to join, or learn more on the group’s Facebook page.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

Concordia's Pre-Pharmacy Club is open to current Pre-Pharmacy students or any students interested in pharmacy as a potential career. Throughout the academic year, monthly meetings give members a chance to interact with practicing pharmacists in the community and current pharmacy students and professors from the School of Pharmacy here on campus. Additionally, there are multiple types of volunteer activities that are offered throughout the academic year where members can learn more about the pharmacy profession.

Pre-Medicine Club

Concordia’s Pre-Medicine Club gives students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field the chance to connect with students who share their same aspirations. Group members connect with professionals in the field and are exposed to internship or other academic opportunities available to them.

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

Concordia's Pre-PA club exists to provide students the opportunity to learn more about careers as a physician assistant. They provide networking opportunities to learn more about internships as well as bring in guest speakers regularly. 

Sports Medicine Society

Sports Medicine Society is a cohort of prospective sports medicine professionals that meets once a month to broaden their educational and professional experience by inviting other health care professionals guest speakers, participating in service projects, and engaging in discussion pertaining to the field. The group is mainly composed of athletic training students, but also welcomes physical therapy and exercise physiology students.

Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology

Psi Chi Honor Society status provides opportunities for Psychology students including research publication, scholarships, and recognition as a top student in the field. Psychology majors or minors who meet requirements for Psi Chi are encouraged to apply. Requirements include 1) completing at least 3 semesters of full-time college courses, 2) completing 9 semester hours of Psychology courses (three 3-credit classes), 3) a GPA that is the top 35% of your class, and 4) a minimum of 3.0 GPA in Psychology courses. 

Academic clubs

Alpha Chi Honor Society

Alpha Chi is a national honor society emphasizing scholarship and service. CUW traditional undergraduate students who are academically ranked in the top 10% of their class are invited to participate. Alpha Chi is an active service organization, with activities planned by the local chapter (also known as Wisconsin Gamma 287), along with district gatherings and regional and national conventions. At the latter two, members have the opportunity to present papers and compete for cash scholarships.