Help them blossom and grow

Nothing’s more precious than a child’s bubbling excitement and curiosity. That’s why you know your calling is a career that starts in the early childhood education department at Concordia University Wisconsin. Get the small class sizes, personalized attention and pupil-focused learning you need to foster a promising future for your students.

Our Vision

As a student of our early childhood education department at CUW, you’ll benefit from a re-envisioned program that can be completed in 3.5 to 4 years with a 100% placement rate. Your coursework is rooted in a liberal arts curriculum. It gives you plenty of opportunities to build your classroom skills and collaborate with fellow students on academic and service projects. You’ll work closely with young children in diverse field experiences while honing your knowledge in social skills development, creative play, health and wellness, faith development, assessment, and classroom management. You can customize your early childhood learning experience with a dual certification in either elementary or special education, and you can add a variety of concentrations, certificates, or a licensable minors in Adaptive Education.

When you leave here, you’ll be ready for your first day in your first class in a variety of diverse and quality early childhood settings such as: private or public elementary schools (birth to Grade 3), early childhood centers, Head Start programs, family child care organizations, nature preschools, centers with constructivist early childhood models, and many more.

With our early childhood education degree, you’ll help today’s little hearts and minds grow into tomorrow’s leaders.