Earn your bachelor's and PharmD in less time

Concordia University Wisconsin’s School of Pharmacy currently partners with various four-year colleges and universities to offer 3+4 dual degree programs where students earn a bachelor’s degree from their undergraduate institution and a PharmD degree from CUW in a total of seven years.

How it works

  • Students spend three years at their undergraduate institution working towards a bachelor’s degree, while fulfilling the pre-pharmacy requirements for CUW’s PharmD program
  • Upon PharmD admission, students begin the four-year PharmD program at CUW and use courses taken during their first (P1) or first and second (P1 and P2) years at CUW to fulfill their bachelor’s degree requirements at their undergraduate institution.
  • After successfully completing the requirements at their undergraduate institution and the first (P1) or first and second (P1 and P2) years in the PharmD program at CUW, students will receive a bachelor’s degree from their undergraduate institution and will continue through the PharmD curriculum at CUW to earn their PharmD.

Partner institutions

Benefits to students

Students who pursue a 3+4 dual degree program will benefit from:

  • Achieving a bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in a total of seven years
  • A course equivalency guide that provides an easy navigation of pre-pharmacy coursework that can be completed at their undergraduate institution
  • An admission counselor at CUWSOP who will work with students to ensure they are competitive throughout the admission process
  • Early consideration for admission through the Early Decision admission option
    • Preferred enrollment with an admission decision by October 1, if applying Early Decision
    • No deposit requirement, if offered admission through Early Decision

PharmD application process

Students on a 3+4 dual degree plan who are seeking admission into the PharmD program at CUW will apply for admission during their third year of their undergraduate program. To be guaranteed an interview*, 3+4 dual degree students will need to:

  • Submit the PharmCAS application by June 1 the year they plan to enroll in the PharmD program
  • Maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA and a C- or better in all pre-pharmacy coursework
  • Take the PCAT and achieve a minimum composite score of 35

*CUW does extend interview invitations to candidates with a GPA lower than 2.75 and a PCAT lower than 35 on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to discuss their academic record, test result, and any unique circumstances with the admissions team at CUW’s School of Pharmacy.


Please contact us at pharmacy@cuw.edu or 262.243.2728.