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On the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Mequon, Wisconsin, just 15 miles from downtown Milwaukee, Concordia University Wisconsin is a Lutheran Christian higher education institution committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit.

No matter how busy you are as you prepare for your career as a pharmacist, at CUW we believe it’s important to stay balanced and still have time for life outside of the School of Pharmacy—that’s why we put the focus on students first.

Professional development and growth in service

The CUW School of Pharmacy’s commitment to servant leadership and the advancement of pharmacy practice in underserved communities reflects the University’s larger Christian mission. CUW’s commitment to professional development and growth in service extends well beyond the classroom, both in curricular-based community outreach and through pharmacy student organizations.

There are multiple professional student organizations at CUW, with opportunities for serving the community, growing in your personal faith, professional networking, and social and collaborative learning. CUW pharmacy students take advantage of a wide variety of professional student organizations that are affiliated with national pharmacy associations. Getting involved allows for networking with faculty, classmates, pharmacists, and pharmacy students from across the country.

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Pharmacy student organizations:

Concordia Student Pharmacists Association (CSPA) Concordia Student Pharmacists Association (CSPA) is an umbrella organization that is affiliated with multiple other student organizations. We allow all pharmacy students to join in our fun events such as trivia nights, volunteer opportunities, cookouts, formals, the gala, and many more. We promote student involvement while having fun and making a difference in our community as well.

Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW) Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW) focuses on pharmacy legislation in Wisconsin. Pharmacists have a responsibility to advocate for new laws that affect their practice. Examples of advocating that Concordia participates in includes writing letters to Representatives and Senators and speaking directly with them at the Capitol in Madison. The Concordia chapter of PSW is responsible for communicating the new and changing legislation between students and lawmakers. Advocating for legislation is important for a pharmacist so that they can practice at the top of their license utilizing every skill acquired in pharmacy school and to stay up to date on new pharmacy laws.

American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) The American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) is an organization advocating the clinical aspect of pharmacy. ACCP provides pharmacist and student pharmacists with education, leadership, and resources necessary to excel in their practice.

American Pharmacists Association – Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA - ASP) American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) encompasses all areas of pharmacy whether one wants to go into a community, retail, or hospital setting. Through this organization, we provide student pharmacists the opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills they learn in school out in the community so that they are confident when using these skills after graduation. We also provide students opportunities to advocate for the pharmacy profession and to network with other students and pharmacists at regional and national levels.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) is for those students who think they may be interested in a residency or working in a healthcare system after school. We have opportunities for volunteering and professional development to help spruce up your CV. We also have guest speakers who will talk about the pharmacy profession.

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International (CPFI) is an organization where our mission is to serve Christ and the world through the pharmacy profession. We work towards growing in our relationship with Christ by gathering in weekly Bible Studies, Fellowship, and volunteering within the community. All Are Welcome To Join!

Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO) Industry Pharmacy (IPhO): We are an organization that introduces pharmacy students to the many other career paths outside the typical hospital and community practice settings. Industry pharmacy encompasses so many different career options such as sales, pharmacovigilance, research and design, FDA consumer regulation, etc. We are excited to bring in guest speakers from multiple fields to introduce to us the many additional fields that are options for future pharmacists.

Multicultural Interprofessional Student Organization (MCIP) Multicultural Interprofessional Student Organization (MCIP) is a new student organization with a purpose to educate and advocate for health and social care disparities, along with celebrating cultural and spiritual diversity. It serves as a gathering place for all health and social care students and faculty at Concordia to learn about cultural competency and sensitivity.

National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) represents independent community pharmacy practice. Members have the opportunity to be active leaders that are involved in community-oriented public health, wellness, and volunteer projects. NCPA also offers members the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and learn about pharmacy ownership.

National Hispanic Pharmacists Association (NHPA) National Hispanic Pharmacist Association (NHPA) is an organization dedicated to empowering people to improve the health of Hispanic populations. Members will receive education and resources to care for Hispanic patients and will be given opportunities to engage with Hispanic cultures, serve Hispanic patients through volunteer opportunities, and develop programs to care for the local Hispanic patient population. Members will also be eligible for additional scholarship opportunities. You do not need to be Hispanic to join.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) is an organization concerned about pharmacy and healthcare-related issues, the poor minority representation in pharmacy, and serving underserved communities. SNPhA's purpose is to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute programs geared toward the improvement of the health, education, and social environment of surrounding underserved communities. Typically, these patients do not have adequate medical resources available to them as they may be from a low-income, underrepresented, or geographically isolated community.

Pharmacy student honor societies:

Rho Chi academic honor society Rho Chi is the academic honor society in pharmacy that offers membership to the top 20% of individuals in each class during the Spring of P2 year. Rho Chi strives to encourage intellectual achievement, advance pharmacy practice, develop intellectual leaders, and promote high standards through collaboration. Our main events throughout the school year consist of leading review sessions for P1 and P2 students prior to exams along with monthly membership meetings.

Phi Lambda Sigma leadership honor society Phi Lambda Sigma, a Pharmacy Leadership Society, supports pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development. In CUW's Delta Omicron chapter, PLS promotes opportunities to become well-rounded leaders through professional development, philanthropy events, practice with interviewing and CV development, as well as social events. Some examples of previous PLS events include a Linked-In Seminar, volunteer opportunities through Advocates, and professional headshots.

Pharmacy student fraternities:

Kappa Epsilon pharmacy fraternity Kappa Epsilon is a pharmacy fraternity whose mission is to create a positive teamwork environment, to hone one’s personal and professional empowerment, develop leaders within the pharmacy profession and community, and to provide professional and philanthropic services. On a national level, we support breast cancer and ovarian cancer awareness. On a local level, we actively work together to create events and educational programs to fulfill our community’s needs.

Kappa Psi pharmacy fraternity Kappa Psi is a Pharmaceutical Fraternity that encompasses the pillars of High Ideals, Fellowship, Industry, and Sobriety. The chapter of Zeta Theta exemplifies these pillars through our philanthropy via a free clinic in Milwaukee, pursuit to further pharmacy and its leaders, and the socialization with one another.