The testing center within the Academic Resource Center is primarily for students with approved testing accommodations and regularly proctors 600+ tests each semester. While the ARC may be able to assist with make-up tests, it is dependent on proctor and space availability. View the faculty instructions below to learn more.


After receiving confirmation from your instructor that your make-up test will be taken in the ARC Testing Center, you will need to contact the ARC to arrange a date and time.

The Testing Center is open Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm for make-up testing. Days and times must be approved by your instructor and the ARC.

Click here to view our testing center policies.


In order for the ARC to determine if they can assist faculty with any make-up tests, the Make-up Testing Agreement must first be completed. Upon receipt of the Make-Up Testing Agreement, ARC staff will confirm if they are able to provide proctor assistance.

  • Proctors are only available Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm which means all tests must be completed by 4:30pm on any given day
  • In the event the testing center is full, the instructor will be notified and expected to make other arrangements
  • For any suspected cheating, the student will be allowed to complete the test but the instructor will be notified

The testing center is responsible for:

  • Providing test materials and serving as proctor
  • Collecting the test and any handwritten notes, scrap paper, etc. at the completion of the test
  • Ensuring the completed test and collected materials are returned to the instructor

The instructor is responsible for:

  • Completing the Make-Up Testing Agreement to request space and a proctor for a make-up test
  • Notifying the student about contacting the ARC to schedule an approved make-up test
  • Providing the test and any necessary materials prior to exam time
if the test is not in the testing center in time the student will be referred to follow up with the instructor

Make-up Testing Agreement