Handshake is the largest internship and job search platform designed specifically for college students. The internship is a key experience at Concordia, and your academic and career engagement advisor recommends 1-3 internships during college in this competitive job market. Internships complement coursework and help you discover how your gifts and talents are best used in the workplace. Falcons have access to thousands of internships and full-time jobs in Wisconsin and nationwide!

Login to Handshake

What can I do on Handshake?

  • Find internships and jobs that are match your career interests
  • Receive updates from the Center for Academic Advising and Career Engagement (CAACE)
  • Find events and career fairs
  • Follow and connect with employers and peers
  • Apply directly to positions and explore opportunities
  • Find On-Campus employment

How do I get started?

Every Falcon has an account with Handshake. If it is your first time accessing Handshake follow these steps to create you account:

  • Go to cuw.joinhandshake.com/login
  • Click on the blue button labled "Concordia University Login"
  • Login with your CUW single sign on credentials (F00 number only, not email address)
  • Follow the steps to your landing page and create your profile

Once you're logged in, create your profile. The more you include in your profile interests, the better Handshake can populate opportunities you care about. You will find more onboarding information here and please note the privacy information on making your Handshake profile public.

How do I search for an internship or job?

Each employer on Handshake is approved by the CUW CAACE office.

For more information on how to get started and everything you need to know: Handshake Support Center.