Coburg (CO)

Coburg hall is located along Lake Michigan and offers Suite Style Living. Each suite conists of 4 single bedrooms, a living area and a bathroom. Each floor has a kitchen and lounge area overlooking Lake Michigan.

Virtual Representation

Coburg Hall Specs

  • Gender: Male/Female by floor
  • Class: Upperclassmen
  • Balconies: Yes, 3rd and 5th floor
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Bathrooms: Private
  • Sinks in room: Yes, two in each room
  • Carpet in room: Yes
  • Room types: Suites, singles 
  • Kitchen in hall: Yes, 2nd-5th floor
  • Air conditioning: Yes

Living area

Example single person room (1 of 2)

Example single person room (2 of 2)

Sinks and shower

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Room Layout Suggestions