Registration information

Continuing undergraduate students may register for next year’s classes beginning in April. Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific registration date for the upcoming semester.

Before you register

  • All pre-requisites must be met before you may enroll in a course. Pre-requisites may be viewed in the Academic Catalog on the Registrar’s webpage.
  • Keep in mind that although 12 units is considered full-time status for traditional undergraduate students; students planning to graduate in four years need to average between 15 and 18 units per semester.
  • Per the traditional undergraduate catalog, 18 units are the maximum units you may carry. Students enrolling in more than 18 units will be charged an overload tuition fee

What if there's a hold on your account?

New and returning students must clear holds placed on their student records due to outstanding tuition payments, incomplete financial aid paperwork, incomplete health information, missing transcripts, or parking violations. Students with holds will not be permitted to move into student housing, make changes to class schedules, or register for the next semester. Additionally, students with unresolved holds after the first week of school risk having classes removed from their schedule by the Registrar’s Office. Holds may be placed on your account at any time so check for holds periodical.

Steps to check and clear holds:
  1. Log onto the Student Portal
  2. Click on Banner Self-Service
  3. Click on Student
  4. Click on Student Records
  5. Click on View Holds

Cashier’s Office
Stuenkel 103

Registrar’s Office
Stuenkel 103

If a hold remains on your account when you arrive on campus, plan to visit the office responsible for the hold before moving into student housing or attending classes.

Register online

Returning traditional undergraduate students will prepare their schedule using their CUW Portal. It is recommended and encouraged for ALL students to make an appointment with their academic advisor to review schedules prior to registering.

Schedule changes

Traditional undergraduate students may make schedule changes prior to the beginning of class and during the first two weeks online through their CU Portal or by coming into the Registrar’s Office. After this time all schedule changes must be done through the Registrar’s Office.

Non-traditional students need to work with their center’s for all schedule changes.

Graduate students need to work through their program office to make schedule changes.

Add/drop/withdrawal policy & deadlines

Adding courses

Full-semester courses may only be added during the first two weeks of the semester, and during the first week for shorter terms. Instructor or Dean/Asst. Dean of the school’s approval is required after the first week.

Dropping or withdrawing from courses

Full-semester courses may be dropped without record of enrollment during the first two weeks of the semester. From week 3 through week 10, courses may be withdrawn from with a “W”. NO COURSES MAY BE WITHDRAWN FROM AFTER WEEK 10.

It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop/withdraw from a course, non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal. Students should not assume the university will drop/withdraw them for non-payment of fees or for non-attendance. Visit the Registrar’s office for assistance dropping or withdrawing from courses.


Registration deadlines are strictly enforced. It is CU policy that students may not petition because of missed deadlines. Please check the academic calendar for add/drop/withdrawal and graduation application deadlines. If you are unable to make changes online, submit the necessary forms to the Registrar’s Office to make schedule changes (Luther 109).

Withdrawing from Concordia

  • Traditional undergraduate students who wish to withdraw from Concordia need to contact need to contact their Academic and Career Advisor.
  • Students in the Accelerated program need to contact their center director to withdraw from Concordia.
  • Students in a graduate/professional program need to speak with their program director to withdraw from Concordia.

View student information

Students may view details about their academic record on the CUW Portal. They may view unofficial transcripts and perform a degree audit to track progress toward degree completion. Students may, also, view their major, minor, class level, and advisor.