At Concordia University, all employees not specifically listed as a Confidential Individuals are “responsible employees”. This includes student employees such as/for example resident assistants, buildings and grounds student employees, student IT technicians, and gym monitors. As such, they are required by Title IX and University policy to report any information they have concerning possible sexual harassment or sexual misconduct (which are defined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy). This means that information about sexual harassment or misconduct shared with a faculty, staff, or student employee is not confidential. Therefore, all reports and complaints regarding alleged violations of the University Sexual Misconduct policy must be directed to a member of the Title IX Coordinator staff.

The Title IX Coordinator will consult, when applicable, Title IX Assistant Coordinator(s) regarding the merit of alleged violations and/or the disposition of same (preliminary investigation). The Title IX Coordinator/Associate Title IX Coordinator will assess if any immediate action is needed such as an interim suspension or no contact [protection] order.

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