General FAQ

What is a Falcon OneCard?

Your Falcon OneCard is the official CUW ID and key to the Mequon campus. Your Falcon OneCard can be physical or accessed via the TouchNet 360u App.

Here is what your physical OneCard can do for you:

  • General university door access
  • Residence hall and lab access
  • Resident and commuter meal plans
  • Falcon Points account
  • CUW Library Card
  • Copying and printing
  • Discounts
What is the TouchNet 360u App?

The TouchNet 360u App gives you the ability to manage your Falcon OneCard via your smartphone.

This app allows you to:

  • View your virtual Falcon OneCard
  • Check your balance or activity
  • Add funds with a Visa or Mastercard
  • Check out library materials
  • CUW Dining Service locations can use the barcode on your app to charge you
What do I do if I need door access to a lab or other locked area?

Please email to start a ticket. All additional access is pending approval from an authorized administrator.

My Falcon OneCard stopped working. What should I do?

If your Falcon OneCard has stopped working, stop by the OneCard office for evaluation to determine whether the card was damaged beyond normal wear.

Cards that stop working on their own accord will be replaced for free. If the card is damaged beyond normal wear, then you will need to pay for a replacement card. If you need door access when the OneCard Office is closed, click here.

I forgot my Falcon OneCard at home. What do I do?

Unfortunately, our options are limited if you don’t physically have your Falcon OneCard. You can purchase a replacement card or return home to retrieve your ID.

Since you can only have one active card and when you obtain a replacement ID card, your old card is deactivated.

Are there discounts for using my Falcon OneCard?

University ID cardholders receive discounts for attending certain campus events including athletic games and some concerts. Select local businesses provide discounts for dining out or activities like going to the movies. See the “Food & Entertainment” tab in the portal for more information.

Photo Submission FAQ

Why can’t I see my picture after I submitted it online?

We manually check each picture to make sure that they are appropriate for your ID. This process can take up to 2 business days. You should receive an email approving or rejecting the picture you submitted. If your photo was approved, then you should see it in your OneCard account. If it was rejected or still pending, then the picture will not appear in your account.

How will I know if my picture was approved or rejected?

You will receive an email within 2 business days to your CUW email account with a message stating whether it was approved or rejected after it has been processed. If it was rejected, there will be a reason listed.

My ID app won’t let me upload a new photo. What can I do to submit the photo?

If you are having trouble uploading a photo through the Touchnet 360u App, try submitting it online using these instructions. Otherwise, contact the I.T. Helpdesk by emailing

I keep getting an error message saying that my photo does not match the ratios. What does that mean?

This system was designed for landscape photos taken by a smartphone. Some photos taken by a professional photographer (like senior photos) may not fit the standards that we require.

Please refer to photo guidelines. The error message will provide information about what needs to be corrected.

My face looks distorted in the upload, is that how it will look on my ID?

If your picture uploads weirdly, we will reject the photo and you can try resubmitting it. We won’t approve a photo that is distorted. When resubmitting, try using a landscape photo per the instructions to prevent distortion. If the photo looks distorted after it is approved, email