Falcon OneCards should be in the cardholder’s possession via a physical card or the OneCard App at all times and presented upon request to any University official. Although the card is issued to individuals, the card remains the property of the University, is non-transferable, and is subject to card terms and conditions.

To protect your card, treat it with the same care as you would a driver’s license or credit card. Cards that are cared for properly, should last for several years. Basic cardholders are available in the OneCard Office. More durable cardholders and lanyards are available in the bookstore for purchase.

To avoid damaging your card, do not:

  • Use a wireless charger while your card is attached to your phone
  • Mark or bend your card
  • Punch holes in your card
  • Gouge the magnetic strip on your card
  • Use your card as an ice scraper
  • Put a magnet next to your card
  • Add stickers to your card

Damaged OneCard

All damaged cards will be assessed for a replacement fee when brought to the OneCard Office for replacement. Cards that have been damaged through “normal wear and tear” will be replaced at no charge. Select an option below to learn more.

Normal wear and tear of the OneCard

Damage from “normal wear and tear” includes damage caused by swiping the card through card reader devices. Examples of this type of damage include, but are not limited to:

  • Horizontal or vertical wear on the magnetic stripe
  • Horizontal breakage of the card along the magnetic stripe caused from the card reader devices
  • Picture faded beyond individual’s recognition
  • Peeling and flaking beyond usability (i.e. magstripe no longer swipes)
Improper use/care of the OneCard

A $20 replacement fee will be charged for OneCards that have become damaged due to misuse or improper care. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Burning or bubbling on card
  • Vertical/horizontal gouges on magnetic stripe
  • Bent or curling cards
  • Vertical break of card or ragged vertical/horizontal break
  • Abnormal marks including teeth marks
  • Equipment damage (such as from a washer or dryer)
  • Damage from wireless phone charger

Lost or stolen OneCard

Follow these guidelines if your Falcon OneCard is lost or stolen.