If your Falcon OneCard is lost or stolen

If your Falcon OneCard is lost or stolen, deactivate your card immediately to ensure your accounts are secure and your building access privileges are not compromised. You can do so by following these steps or calling Campus Safety at 262-243-4344. If you find someone else's ID, please return it to Campus Safety.

The OneCard Office can issue you a replacement card for $20. Be sure to visit the Cashiers Office before going up to the library. Bring your yellow receipt to show proof of payment. Once the new card is issued, the old card will cease to function, and all services will be activated for your new card immediately, such as: Falcon Points, your meal plan, and door access.

Reactivate lost card

If you have deactivated your card, but find it before a replacement card is issued, you can reactivate it at no charge by visiting I.T. or the OneCard Office. Cards will not be reactivated over the phone so we can verify your identity in person.

If the card is found or recovered and a replacement has already been issued, the cardholder should shred it or bring the old card to the OneCard Office.

If you need door access when the OneCard Office is closed

  • Residential Students: Call the RA on duty to get into your residential hall.
  • Non-Residential Students: Call Campus Safety to let you into the door (262-243-4344).

If your Falcon OneCard is defective, worn, or your name has changed

You may trade in a defective or worn card for a new one at no charge. You may also trade in your card for free if you have recently changed your name. Make sure that you change your name through the Registrar's Office before coming to the OneCard Office for a new card.

Please note: this does not include abuse of the card. See card care policies for more information. OneCard Office staff ultimately determine whether a card shows signs of normal wear or abuse.

How to deactivate your OneCard

To deactivate your Falcon OneCard, you can either log into your ID card app or ID card account online.

Touchnet 360u App
  1. Log into your account via the ID card app
  2. Click on the 9 dots in the top right corner
  3. Under the ‘Security’ section, click ‘deactivate account’
  4. Click ‘confirm’ to complete the process
OneCard Account Online
  1. Use this link to log into your account
  2. Click on the ‘account’ tab near the top of the page
  3. Then click on deactivate card
  4. Click ‘confirm’ to complete the process