What is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is an academic support program utilizing highly trained students as writing consultants to assist others with their writing. Writing Center appointments are an opportunity for students to gain perspective, feedback and non-directive assistance at any stage of their writing.

What are a Writing Center consultant’s responsibility?

Consultants are responsible for conducting minimalist one-on-one consultation with writers face-to-face, remotely (Zoom), or by email. Primary responsibilities include:

    • Staffing one of the two Writing Center locations (library/ARC)
      • Conducting up to one-hour consultations with a writer
      • Responding to email submissions on our Online Writing Lab service.
      • Responding to walk-in consultations when there are no appointments
    • Visiting classrooms to present the Writing Center’s services
    • Recording visit notes and sending receipts to professors by request of the student
    • Composing, updating, and maintaining handout sheets

What are the benefits of being an Writing Center Consultant?

The Writing Center position is a paid, professional opportunity ideally for students who want to:

    • Help extend the University's educational experience to your peers
    • Gain experience with a diverse group of people
    • Learn and apply tutoring and teaching theories
    • Gain premium resume experience
    • Earn the highest student worker wage at $12.00/hour

How can I become a consultant? 

    • Must be enrolled as a CUW student while a consultant
    • Must have completed English 104 or comparable 1st year composition requirements
    • Must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Complete six weeks (1 hour/week) of paid training with WC facilitator (Eric.Adams@cuw.edu) or enroll in English 251 (only offered in the Fall every other year)
    • Must be able to complete all staff development responsibilities
    • Must be friendly and enjoy working with people
    • Must commit three hours or more to regular shift hours.

Writing Center Consultant application