Our mission

We develop students in mind, body, and spirit to collaborate effectively within an interprofessional environment.

Our vision

We carry out this IPE Mission to be regionally and nationally recognized for meaningful interprofessional education of our students as they learn and train for professional careers.

Core objectives

To provide students opportunities for growth:

  • In interprofessional competencies
  • Through team-building activities and collaboration
  • Through interprofessional practice opportunities

We pursue our IPE mission, vision and objectives in the following ways:

  • Through rigorous and diverse academic programs that are consistent with the needs of our communities, and which allow students to fully discover and develop their vocation
  • Through purposeful growth of interprofessional infrastructure, facilities, and human resources, which support student learning, IPE certification, and experiences in a welcoming and professional environment
  • By developing future professionals who transform lives, influence communities and value their neighbors through servant leadership

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