It is our goal to do all that we can to make your time at Whispering Pines an enjoyable experience. The following guidelines will aid in this. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wedding Policy (CUW & CUAA)

Check-in Time: 3pm | Check-out Time: 11am

  1. Upon arrival, have the group leader check in with the managers.
  2. Youth groups must have adequate supervision - at least one adult for every ten youths.
  3. Group leaders must supply the managers with a list of all who attend the retreat. The list should include each person's name and address.
    1. Please fill out the registration form that will be on the table upon arrival.
    2. If you know prior to arrival the names and addresses of everyone attending, you may fill out the registration form before you come and enter the room numbers after arrival.
  4. No smoking is allowed inside the buildings.
  5. If beds and furniture are moved, they must be returned to their original place before leaving.
  6. Pets are not permitted at Whispering Pines (exceptions are made for service dogs).
  7. Buildings are to be cleaned before leaving. This includes sweeping and vacuuming the floors, and depositing the garbage and recyclables in the designated places.
  8. The guest group is responsible for any breakage or destruction beyond normal wear.