Graduate Certificate in Public Administration

Could your work for the common good be better? Consider expanding your role in the public and nonprofit sectors by earning your graduate certificate in public administration.


Department of Business

Put yourself in a position to solve problems that could impact millions

Developed for government workers, police and fire personnel, and nonprofit employees, this certificate program in public administration will help middle level workers-the ones in the daily trenches-expand their role into management.

Quick Facts

Credits 15
  • PR Specialist
  • Education Administrator
  • Fundraising Manager
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Program Overview

Public and nonprofit organizations are providing the vital services of a society. The work is complex and the methods and priorities are forever in evolution. Public administrators have enormous responsibilities with often limited resources. But, for those up to the task, the career path is extremely rewarding. In this graduate certificate program in public administration you will learn to technically manage projects using powerful software tools and you’ll deepen your understanding of the interdependence of organizations  between governmental jurisdiction and our federal system to be equipped to manage the people and the task.

What to Expect

Working knowledge of complex software programs, greater understanding of how different public organizations work together, and skills to bring out the best in people.


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