Graduate Certificate in Sport and Entertainment Business

Our sport and entertainment business program will prepare you for a career in the athletic and entertainment industry.


Department of Sport and Hospitality Business

Sports aren’t only for athletes

The sport and entertainment industries are critical pieces of our economy, with billions of dollars being generated every year. It should come as no surprise that is is also a rapidly growing and fiercely competitive field! This program is intended for students who wish to work with athletic organizations, athletes and entertainers, and world-class facilities in positions of influence.

Credits 15
Cost Per Credit $740
  • Agent
  • Entertainment Attendant
  • Artist Manager
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Program Overview

Our graduate certificate in sport and entertainment business, which consists of 15 credits of executive level business training, let’s you pursue a variety of careers in athletic and entertainment management. The curriculum is current, engaging, and challenging – with courses and experiences designed under the guidance of a professional advisory board consisting of industry practitioners – to help you further develop your fundamentals, skills, and character to give you the best chance of thriving in a competitive industry.

What to Expect

During this program you can expect to work with industry pros, networking with and learning from experts in professional and amature sports and entertainment, along with business people who work within the innumerable sub-professions tied to these industries. But nothing beats hands-on experience! If you display consistent professional and personal growth, you could earn intensive field experience opportunities at major events like the Rose Bowl, Final Four, Frozen Four, College World Series, COPA, and even the Super Bowl. That’s what we like to call a win/win.

Courses will focus on critical analysis, solution development, innovation, analytics, finance, teamwork development, leadership growth, and more. And how will you learn these crucial things? Through lectures, guest speakers, academic service learning, field experience, online/social media resources, and new technologies. So while the athletes are hitting the field, court, et al., working their butts off to make it to the next level, you’ll be setting yourself up for a long, successful career in sports and entertainment by hitting the books. Not bad.

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