A life of service

The Concordia University Wisconsin Ronald L. Berg Faculty Laureate Award is an honor bestowed by the Concordia faculty on one of its own in recognition as the Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year. The recipient exemplifies Concordia as a way of life, is a model of Christian life, excels in teaching, engages in scholarship, and supports the community life of the campus. We are pleased to announce this year’s recipient, Dr. Carol A. Lueders Bolwerk.

Since 1987, Dr. Lueders Bolwerk has served Concordia University Wisconsin in the School of Nursing as a professor of nursing. She has strong interests in rural health, faith-community nursing, farm safety and health, music, and serving others for Christ in the church and the world. She understood she had a gift for caregiving when she was very young, and was called into nursing as a child. She has served in diverse roles as a registered nurse in intensive care, recovery room, emergency nursing, and nursing management. Dr. Lueders Bolwerk has served in the School of Nursing in many capacities including chairperson, and director of the School of Nursing, along with serving as director of parish nursing and congregational health ministries. Her commitment to nursing, family, faith, and church is quite evident.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk received her bachelor's degree in nursing at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, her master's degree at Marquette University, and her Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her studies had great breadth, including a master's thesis in how classical music can decrease anxiety in myocardial infarction patients. Her work was published in Critical Care Nursing and featured in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. She also presented her work on music at a national critical care conference in New Orleans.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk master's degree focused on nursing management, and she has served in many managerial roles as charge nurse, critical care educator, clinical nurse director and clinical nurse specialist with special emphasis in heart and respiratory patients. Her exploration of medical anthropology and women's studies guided graduate research in focusing on female farmers in Wisconsin, and once again, several articles and presentations were completed disseminating information on this special population. Her interest also focused on parish nursing, and she has attended introductory workshops and national conferences including that of the Westberg Symposium where she has presented both posters and oral presentations. Her recent research has looked at the population of parish nurses: Who we are? What we do? and How we do it? and Parish Nursing: the Intentional Care of the Spirit. She has also presented webinars on faith community nursing.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk serves on many committees and organizations. She was a member of the Ozaukee County Board for Health and Human Services for 10 years. She is a member of the Lutheran Parish Nurses International (LPNI), and is on the board of LPNI since its inception approximately 10 years ago.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk is a member of Faith Community Nurses International, focusing on the research committee which serves an international community of parish nurses. She is a member of the South Wisconsin Parish Nurse District Networking group, and is presently serving as the district representative for the South Wisconsin LCMS district.

Special honors that Dr. Lueders Bolwerk has been bestowed include the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation Award in 2008, championing women's health across Wisconsin. She also received the women's research award as a Ph.D. student at UW-Milwaukee.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk was recognized for excellent advising and received the Academic Advisor of the Year Award in 2005 from Concordia University. She has also been recognized by her CUW students in the top 10 instructors for faith and learning, challenging students in academic rigor in August 2014 and 2016. Carol also received a proclamation from Ozaukee County Health and Human Services on July 3, 2013, for her service to the citizens of Ozaukee county displaying true dedication and compassion to enrich lives in the community. Dr. Lueders Bolwerk has been nominated for faculty laureate twice in recent years by Dr. Dan Paavola, Dr. Randy Ferguson, and Dr. Mary Lou Kopp in 2015 and 2016.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk is married to Dave Bolwerk and has three sons: Andrew, Aaron and Jacob.  She lives on a farm first purchased in 1854. Her family continues to farm the land that was purchased from her German ancestors in the town of Cedarburg. Dr. Lueders Bolwerk, herself, raises steers.

Dr. Lueders Bolwerk truly exemplifies Concordia as a way of life, is a model of Christian life, excels in teaching, engages in scholarship, and supports the community life of the campus. We congratulate her on this prestigious award!