Making the transition from high school into college can be challenging. Your freshman year is an exciting time, full of changes and new responsibilities. Concordia's first year bridge program provides academic and social support for incoming freshmen to help you prepare for college and set you up for success.

Students who participate in the bridge program get to move into their residence hall a week before school starts to begin acclimating to life on campus. You'll get to meet current students, other incoming freshmen, professors, Academic Resource Center staff, and others, who will all help you prepare for life as a college student. You'll get to tour campus, make new friends, learn about what to expect in college, develop good study habits, and get helpful advice for what it takes to be successful in your college experience.

As part of the bridge program, you'll also meet with your Academic Support Specialist every other week during your first semester. They will check in with you to make sure your classes are going well, and answer any questions that you may have as you continue to get settled in.

Bridge Program Outcomes

Through participation in the bridge program, students will learn to:

  • Navigate the development for necessary transitional skills
  • Attend to their intellectual, psychological, and physical well-being
  • Have a better understanding of Concordia's resources and connections to enhance their academic experience
  • Practice the mindset and learning strategies required for lifelong success
  • Identify and utilize team building skills

2021 Itinerary

  • Check-in
  • Welcome and overview
  • Meet peer academic coach
  • Campus tour
  • Academic Resource Center- How to be a successful college student
  • Picnic
  • Study skills workshop
  • Who's who on campus: CUW Amazing Race
  • Dinner
  • Team builder
  • Reflection
  • Evening Activities
  • Breakfast
  • Icebreaker: The interview
  • Daily overview
  • Blackboard overview
  • Lunch
  • Campus resources
  • Team building exercise
  • Reflection
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Daily overview
  • Icebreaker: meeting other students
  • Lunch
  • PAC: Success coaching
  • Team building exercise
  • Financial aid
  • Mental health
  • Dinner
  • Group activity
  • Reflection

For more information on the First Year Experience Bridge Program, contact Elizabeth Kirk at