Definition and approval process

A logo is a symbol or design adopted by a University entity, including official University clubs, organizations, and academic programs, etc. to visually represent the entity itself. This includes any marks, seals, logos, or any other graphics, designs, artwork, or the like.

All University recognized clubs, organizations, academic student groups, academic programs, departments, and Student Government Association-sponsored clubs must seek logo approval before its use from the Concordia University Logo Approval Committee. This Committee of five members includes the University Lead Creative Designer (Chair), Dean of Students (one from each campus for total of two), Campus Pastor (one from either campus for a total of one-Appointed by the Vice President of Student Life), and the Assistant Vice President of Academics for Student Success. The decision of the committee is final. The committee also reserves the right to revoke a previously approved logo.

Prohibited use:

No Endorsements

Neither the name of the University nor any University logo, may be used in any way that states or implies endorsement of a commercial product or service, gives a false impression, is misleading, or could cause confusion regarding the University’s relationship with any person or entity.

Mission and Identity

Logos are intended to present an image that is consistent with the University mission, as well as the confession and practice of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The Committee reserves the right to prohibit other uses which it deems inappropriate as being inconsistent with the identity and/or mission of Concordia University and/or the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

General Prohibited Use

Logos may not include any words or symbols using profanity, vulgarity, or sexually suggestive language or images; racial, ethnic, gender, or religious insensitivity; name, likeness, or unapproved use of a logo of a national organization; content including the likeness or suggestion of alcohol or other drugs and related paraphernalia, or anything that violates the Code of Student Conduct is prohibited. Any unapproved logo conflicts with the Student Code of Conduct, and permission for use will be restricted.

Trademark and Copyright

The student organization must ensure that any requests for designs containing non-University names and marks, seals, logos or other graphics, designs, artwork, or like (e.g., “Clip Art”) include written permission from the owner or evidence that such permission is not required. A statement signed & dated by the author, indicating they grant full rights to the University and the student organization to use their original work, is required before presenting the design to the University Lead Creative Designer for approval. An original artwork permission statement is included in the student organization logo application.

Logo approval request form