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“In 2011, The Wisconsin State Legislature passed ACT 166, which requires the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to produce an annual report of the State’s educator preparation programs (EPP).  The report must include information on program completers and their first time passage rates on the required performance assessments” (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2011-2012 Report on Concordia University educator preparation programs, 2014).

Pursuant to these requirements, during 2011-2012, Concordia University Wisconsin produced 266 candidates who graduated from CUW’s approved educator preparation program, successfully completed the relevant content exam, and were eligible for licensure in Wisconsin.  This represented 6.2% of all Wisconsin candidates during that period, from a group which totaled 4,289.  223 (83.8%) of CUW candidates were licensed in Wisconsin.  This figure is lower than the overall 2011-2012 average in Wisconsin (88.5%) because of the significant number of CUW education graduates who receive the Lutheran teacher diploma to serve as commissioned ministers of the gospel in one of the P-12 schools of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) worldwide.  For that reason, many qualified candidates apply for state licensure in the location where they have received a divine call to serve rather than in Wisconsin.  This is also reflected in the report data which highlights the number of 2011-2012 completers who are employed in Wisconsin.  74 of Concordia’s 2011-2012 completers (27.8%) were employed in Wisconsin compared to a state average of 52.4%.  Again, this should figure should be understood in the context of CUW’s Lutheran teacher education program focus, which has a three-year average of placing more than 90% of eligible candidates in LCMS schools worldwide upon graduation.

The report mandated by ACT 166 also required institutions to highlight the first time pass rate for required performance assessments.  In 2011-2012, CUW had a first time passing rate on the Praxis II exam of 90.7%, compared to an overall state average of 88.3%.  The full report on Concordia University Wisconsin may be accessed through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website and is also available here.  The School of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin is extremely proud of its graduates as it “equips and inspires Christian servant leaders to pursue integrity and excellence in the delivery of educational services within professional and lifelong learning throughout the world” (School of Education Mission Statement, 2014).

Individuals with specific questions or feedback regarding Concordia University Wisconsin’s report are encouraged to contact Dr. Jim Pingel, School of Education Dean, at or 262.243.4214.

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