Concordia University offers three dual-degree programs right here on the CUW campus.

Dual Degree: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) & Master of Public Health

As health care reform continues to be at the forefront of the health care industry, prevention-focused public health is projected to grow in demand and importance. Pharmacists can play a critical role in leading and changing this discussion. Learn more.

Dual Degree: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Master of Science in Pharmaceutical/Chemical Product Development

Combining the PharmD program with a Master of Pharmaceutical/Chemical Product Development (MPD) degree is a unique opportunity for students interested in patient care and the development of pharmaceuticals and chemical products. Learn more.

Dual Degree: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and MBA 

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with dual PharmD and MBA degrees from CUW. Start work on both your first semester. Average completion time: Four years! Learn more.



We offer the best route to earn a PharmD and PhD.

PharmD and PhD: CUW Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and PhD Chemical/Pharmacological Research Agreement with UW-Milwaukee

The CUW School of Pharmacy and the UWM School of Letters and Sciences Department of Chemistry cooperate to facilitate individual student opportunity to work toward both a PharmD and PhD. Students in this rigorous program work toward their PharmD at Concordia and also take courses at UWM. The advantage is:

  1. Students get a taste of what chemical/pharmacological research is like before committing to a doctoral program
  2. Students earn credit towards their PhD degree while still a student at Concordia. That makes their time as a PhD student shorter.

Interested students are those who wish to pursue a research career after getting their PharmD degree. It is a challenging double program, but is a potent combination for the high achiever.

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