A.  Annual Review of Approved Protocols

  1. New protocols have a maximum duration of three years, but are approved for one-year intervals.
  2. All approved protocols will be reviewed at an IACUC meeting at least annually.
  3. Procedures for full committee review are similar to those for new protocols.
  4. If approval of the annual review cannot be given before the expiration date of the protocol, the PI will be notified by the Office of Research Compliance that animal activities associated with the protocol must stop after the expiration date and that any animals currently in the facility will be maintained by ARC staff until the annual review protocol is reviewed and approved by the IACUC. If the annual review submission is not received prior to the expiration date, the PI must submit a new protocol for review and approval.
  5. After three years from initial approval date (three-year renewal), a new protocol must be submitted by the investigator. If the new protocol cannot be approved before the expiration of the previous protocol, the PI will be notified in writing by the Office of Research Compliance that animal activities associated with the previous protocol must stop until the new protocol is approved.

B.  Deferred Review

  1. Deferred Review is a review process for protocols from CUWAA principal investigators PIs that have been approved at another institution for work being conducted at the other institution.
  2. The Concordia IACUC does not need to review the protocol, but must keep the protocol and other institution’s approval documentation on file.
  3. The Concordia IACUC must be informed of any problems encountered during the other institution’s annual inspections related to the protocol.
  4. The Concordia IACUC must be informed of the outcome of annual reviews of the protocol at the other institution.
  5. It will be the responsibility of Concordia University Principal Investigator to obtain these documents from the other institution and provide copies to the Concordia IACUC.