Effective communication in a world of information

In a world that is changing as fast and furiously as ours, it is imperative that we know how to communicate. Today, we have more ways than ever to share information and ideas, which is why it’s vital to deliver a clear, impactful message. More and more businesses and organizations are making it a priority to hire people who can wade through the mire of information overload and effectively deliver their message.

Our Vision

Quality communication is essential for healthy, productive relationships in the workplace, at home, and in the Church. With a communication degree from Concordia, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively in any professional setting by honing your verbal, written, interpersonal, and group skills. This program blends practical training with a strong liberal arts education—and all within a Christian world view.

The majors include Mass Communication and Technical and Professional Communication. Minors include Mass Communication, Christian Service Learning and Leadership, and Sports Media.


Regardless of which major or minor you choose, there are three key elements of the program: liberal arts, foundational communication, and your specialization. Through the Communication Core, you’ll get to study topics such as public speaking, journalism, and cross-cultural communication. Your specialization gives you the opportunity to find your niche in the professional world.

You’ll take 21-24 credits in the major you choose in addition to the Communication Core, which gives you the general and well-rounded skills necessary for success in any area of communication. The Department requires at least 120 credits.